About Us


Our Approach

Our Mission

Our church exists to help each person to live a successful Daily Life to:

Love God. Love People. Do It Again.

Our Story

Our Code

Love God:

This is the reason we exist. Our hope is that every individual develops a real relationship with Father God, that they would learn the authority that they have in Jesus Christ, manifesting his love through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
We love God through expressive worship, laughter, and giving.

Love People:

We are family. Everyone belongs. We express our love by serving and honoring each other.
Our purpose goes beyond selfish ambition- to advance Gods Kingdom and not our own.

Do It Again:

We as a Church have big dreams, but embrace our limitations, always willing to love God again, always willing love people again, inviting them into the family. While we grow, we change.

We Believe